Can it be done in one day?

Yes. Most replacements are complete within 5 hours.

What kind of material do you use?

All CSA approved 4” ABS plastic pipe and fittings.

Will my yard be completely destroyed?

No. We will make every attempt to return your yard as close to original conditions as possible. The sand fill option is the fastest and cleanest way to restore yards to their original appearance.

Does my water line need to be replaced?

In most cases no, but if your water line is lead we replace it regardless of its condition.


What type of tank do you install?

We supply and install Souris Valley brand concrete septic tanks.

What do I need to do in regards to zoning and inspection?

Nothing! We handle everything relating to the type, proper sizing, location, permits and inspection of your system by the local health district.

Do I need to arrange for a plumber or an electrician for my septic system hook-up?

In most cases, no. For most septic tank installs we can provide the necessary connections to have your system operational by the time we leave.

Does my system require maintenance or chemicals?

The majority of our systems do not require maintenance or gimmicky septic chemicals. Most of those chemicals impede the natural decomposition of sewage wastes.

My parents recommend that I get a sewer pump installed inside my basement so that I know when it is running. Is this the best way to go?

We install the best in Goulds submersible pumps inside your septic tank. This style of pump offers reliability, better performance, high efficiency and no priming. You won’t be able to hear it running but we install an alarm system in your tank that will sound if for some reason your pump is not functioning.

Well Pumps and Tie-Ins

What information do you need to set up our pump and pressure system?

We need your well’s depth, size of well casing and production (gal/min). All of this information should be provided to you from your well driller or on your well report. We also need to know the rough distance from the well to your house.

What types of pump and pressure system do you sell?

Elite Trenching is a licensed dealer for Goulds Water Technology.

What is a constant pressure system?

A constant pressure (variable speed) system is a water system that uses a drive controller as apposed the conventional pressure switch and controller combo. The drive controller senses any increases in demand for water and increases the pumping speed to accommodate and maintain a constant water pressure. For example, if you are having a shower and someone else in the house turns on a tap or fixture of any type, you will not notice any pressure loss.

Our new home will not have a basement and there won’t be enough room for a big pressure tank, is there a system that will work for me.

Yes! The Gould’s constant pressure systems we install require only a 2 gal. – 5gal. pressure tank as apposed to a 20 or 40 gal. pressure tank required with a conventional pressure system. Our systems easily fit in crawl spaces, beneath mobile homes and even in a small closet or cupboard. (Ideal in cottages situations)

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