Experienced Septic Services, Sewer Replacement, and Sewer Repair in Regina

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Water and sewer IRR
(install, replace, repair):

Is your home plagued by slow drains, frequent back-ups or recurring sewage smells? These are all signs and symptoms that your home may require a sewer replacement!


  • Tree roots
  • Aging materials
  • Changing soil conditions
  • Poor installation

SOLUTIONS: Standard service is a full replacement from your basement to the city connection.

  1. Sandfill (A sand backfill allows for immediate relandscaping.)
  2. Back flow prevention (Installing this may provide insurance discounts)
  3. Water line replacement (The age of home determines whether this service is necessary)

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Septic tank and cistern install and repair

We are always on top of the frequent changes to septic regulations and products making sure your new or existing farm/acreage has the most efficient technologies available. When it comes to your rural septic needs we’ve got your covered!


  • Holding Tank
  • Septic tank with pump out jet
  • Mounds
  • Chamber systems
  • Lagoons

Water Systems

We offer top of the line water pumping and pressure systems to fit your rural demands and personal preferences. We are a member of Goulds Professional Dealer Association. As a trained and licensed dealer we are on top of the latest improvements and the newest products available from Goulds Water Technology.

We can meet all your water needs for water well and rural municipal systems.